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About me.....

Not every body is the same, so my approach is catered to the individual client. I believe in working with my clients not on them. I am experienced in many techniques and treatment modalities, often combining them in a single session in order to best serve my clients personal needs and goals.

My passion is helping people improve the quality of their daily life through therapeutic massage. My goal is to get yo​u back to the activities you love as quickly as possible. I believe we can achieve this through massage therapy by relieving muscle tension, increasing mobility, and flexibility.

I am honored to serve the birthing community of Long Beach, California and surrounding cities. I began focusing of pregnant woman and women trying to conceive a few years ago for a host of reasons. I found that these women weren't being touched. While I understand my fellow practitioners hesitancy, I see these women as fierce goddesses that need to be prepared for the beautiful experience that is childbirth. It was one of the best professional decisions I have made. Second to partnering with an amazing Chiropractor who believes in taking care of her patients as much as I do. 

I am equally passionate about massage as it relates to therapy. We are always moving, while at the same time living a more sedentary life. What I mean here is, whether we are driving carpool, traveling to and from your job, or at your computer, we are sitting a lot during the week. and then the weekend comes along and turn into weekend warriors, jam packed with all the fun that we had to put during the week. 

I am here during that time also. When the shoulders are moving closer and closer to your ears, or every time you are getting up from a seated position your back yells at you. I'm here to assist in keeping your moving freely, when you're ready. 

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