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Postpartum Doula Services

Daytime shifts of 4-6 hours between 7AM and 10PM

Overnight shifts of 9-10 hours from 8PM to 8AM

Duties include:

Tending to the mama, baby and family as specified by their needs. This could include light house cleaning: sweeping, wiping down counters, washing dishes (bottles,pump equipment, etc.), meal prep (breakfast, lunch or dinner), family/baby laundry (wash/dry/fold). Tending to baby so mama can bathe or sleep/rest, etc. This can look like two 4 hour shifts morning/evening four times a week or an overnight one night a week with a one or two of the shorter shifts a couple of days a week. The possibilities are endless. How can I best serve you?

Just a little help package

24 hours to be used over 4 weeks


Mini package

50 hours to be used over 4 weeks


Standard Package

100 hours to be used over 4 weeks

                      $2350 ($150 discount)

                      $2700 ($300 discount)

$3100 ($400 discount)

Deluxe Package

200 hours to be used over 8 weeks


                      $4500 ($500 discount)

                      $5250 ($750 discount)

  $6000 ($1000 discount)

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